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Pera Worms Pera Worms

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Average. Pretty graphics but not real substance. A simple scoring system or a better UI would be made it good. A nice idea, but without much to really go for.

Feed Lindsay! Feed Lindsay!

Rated 0 / 5 stars


I don't usually give anything bad marks, but this is just the most disgusting, sick piece of Flash I've probably ever seen. Are you ok in the head?

Putting it in Front page is just idiocy.

Turnaus Turnaus

Rated 4 / 5 stars

>> Nice Game

Hey guys, nice game.

It's a shame people rate it down because they wanted more - some people aren't ever satisfied. It's a nice little coffee break game, and a very original idea. With a good idea sometimes it's hard to execute it right, and you guys have definitely done it right. Sure, there are ways to expand and things you could do, but as for this game in its entirity it's definitely top-notch.

Graphics aren't bad, nice smooth and pretty detailed. I liked the animation, and even on my shitty speed PC it looks smooth as a pair of boobies. The idea of having a delayed time before the next attack seems good, more realistic at that. Music tied in pretty nicely too, fits in well with the theme.

You deserve front page, great coding!
Good work guys, keep it up.

~ jbcubed3

Brink of Alienation 2 Brink of Alienation 2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Superb Game

Great game, lovely graphics and imagination. I loved this game. Initially I thought it looked a little average, but once I got into the adventure it certainly prooved to be something very very good.

I've read through the other reviewer's comments and they piss me off. Little greedy kids who expect more, and want more. They can go fuck themselves. This game really is well coded and developed - sure it can be improved in future iterations if there are going to be - but people saying "work on this" "do that" without saying how or not having a single piece of flash to their name is stupidity!

Anyhoo, good idea and nice bit of coding there!

Keep up the good work guys!

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BlasterMaster responds:

THANK YOU!! haha sometimes I feel the same way!

Galactic Tennis Galactic Tennis

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great remake of a previous existing title.


[ Graphics ][ 9 ]
- Nice pods/spaceships and menu items.
- Fantastic sci-fi themed backgrounds.

[ Style ][ 10 ]
- Nice style and a well thought out game.
- Slick animation, all fluid and helps make the game more realisitic as such.
- Excellent use of action script to bring this project to life.
- Nice collision elements, flows very well.

[ Sound ][ 9 ]
- Not bad, I have no complaints here.

[ Violence ][ 8 ]
- Not needed in this game.

[ Interactivity ][ 10 ]
- Great coding enables a very fluid game.
- Nice range of difficulities.

[ Humour ][ 8 ]
- Blend of humour.

[ Overall ]
It's been made to the best potential. Although it's 'just pong' to some people, to me it's a great title brought to NG with skillful animations and visuals and solid actionscript coding to enable a fluid game.

Well done Robert.

[ 9 / 10 ]
Reviewed by JB :: 3/01/03

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The Lusty Barfly The Lusty Barfly

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's fairly good.

"It's fairly good!"


[ Graphics ][ 6 ]
- Average graphics here I'm afraid.
- Need to be smoothened and improved in alot of areas.
- Animation was better than the graphical style.

[ Style ][ 9 ]
- Nice style and a well thought out game.
- Fairly good animation.

[ Sound ][ 8 ]
- Not too bad, nice vocals.

[ Violence ][ 2 ]
- Not too much is really needed in this type of game.

[ Interactivity ][ 8 ]
- Good, I like the virtual story elements.

[ Humour ][ 8 ]
- Blend of humour.
- Nice speech in some areas!

[ Overall ]
It's been played to its full potential. Average visuals, nice animation and sound. I hope to see more of these roleplay games soon.

[ 6 / 10 ]
reviewed by JB

Ganguro Girl 1.5 Ganguro Girl 1.5

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Wow, what a fantastic "sequel" to many sim games out there. Your crew has taken the best parts of our favourite games to spawn this one - amazing.

Here's my full review:

[ Graphics ][ 10 ]
- Very well drawn girls, locations and props.
- Nicely animated scenes.
- Very well done camera function.

[ Style ][ 10 ]
- Very nice, takes all the good points from other sim games to produce this.
- Nice extra features and a very well thought out game.

[ Sound ][ 8 ]
- Not too bad, nice in places!

[ Violence ][ 0 ]
- N/A

[ Interactivity ][ 10 ]
- Excellent - that's all I can say - best I've seen for a long time.

[ Humour ][ 8 ]
- It was nice to see a blend of humourous parts to the game.
- Some funny scenes, well thought out and utillised.

[ Overall ]
Well, it's been played to it's maximum and I loved it, well thought out scenes, gameplay, grapics and animation that's brought together into a very nice package indeed.

[ 10 / 10 ]

Thanks, JB

make ur own saiyan make ur own saiyan

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

| Very Nice, I enjoyed that |

It's not often that I enjoy a simple "create your own game", but this was great. Nice visuals that look like the original chracters and some nice extras - good. Surprisingly enough, it inspired me, game me some ideas for a new enemy for my own movie!

Excellent work, buuya35, keep it up!

TheTreeman responds:

hey seemin how i know almost everything there is to know about anything dragonball..u didnt leave me a e-mail or anything...but id be happy to help u out with a character or something for what ever...just put me in the credits or something..if u get e-mail